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Contact us directly for all of your service needs. No fine print necessary. Retro Instruments, Inc. United States Telephone: (209) 810-3344 e-mail: Is your Retro product mission-critical? Keep a spare tube set on hand. Most issues can be isolated to a tube. Retro tube sets have been tested in the specific Retro product. If you need to order a Retro tube set, contact us at, let us know what issues you are having and where you are located. Tube set prices are listed below, shipping is not included. All prices are in USD. Contact us for shipping options.

STA-LEVEL Tube Set $160.

176 Tube Set $134

2A3 EQ Tube Set $122

Powerstrip Tube Set $118

Doublewide Tube Set $66

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Vintage design for modern recording.

Retro Instruments is changing the way the world sounds by creating classic style audio gear for modern recording. Retro products keep what made the originals the best of the best, updating vintage design with modern features to improve functionality - creating unique and innovative gear that sounds, looks, and feels vintage and state-of-the-art in equal measure. Learn More about Retro.